Every army officer should be commanding in his order and action.  For this a ground task is conducted called as command task.  Here the candidate is the leader and he should choose two candidates from his group as sub-ordinates.

Rules in Command Task:-

        a)The GTO called the candidates in a random manner only, then he will have a small pep talk.
        b)Then he will take him to the Task area and explain about rules and ask to candidates as which person you are choosing.

What the G.T.O expects from the candidate are

  1. Whether the candidate his good in his command by giving proper ideas to solve the problem.
  2. Whether he is extracting the work well from his sub-ordinates.
  3. While choosing the sub-ordinates, whether the candidate is choosing the weak member of strong member of the group. (i.e. he finds, that the candidate has the ability to analyze about the group)
  4. Whether the candidate finds out multiple solutions for the task.
  5. Whether he is speedy in his decisions and ideas.
  6. Whether he is having any hesitations in executing his plan after deciding it already.

Important points for Command Task:-
     1- Look to G.T.O instructions carefully.  This is important one throughout the G.T.O tasks.
     2-Choose the correct person as sub-ordinates, since if you have to cross the obstacle with heavy load means, choose a person in your                group who can able to carry the load easily and choose another person who is small i.e. can able to tie , ropes, planks easily.
     3-Try to avoid asking ideas from the sub-ordinates, since in this scenario you are the leader and commander.
        Also if you were in a position of subordinate don’t talk or given ideas to the commander unless the G.T.O tells to do so.

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