The individual obstacles are followed after the H.G.T.  The aim of the individual obstacles is to show the candidates stamina level, their endurance, their boldness, their courage and several factors.

There are several obstacles with different difficulty level allocated with each marks.  The number painted near the obstacles denotes the marks allocated for the obstacles.
The total number of obstacles is 10 and the time limit to cross those obstacles is 3 minutes. 

The total marks are 55.
                                             i.e. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55.
The obstacle with highest level of difficulty scores the maximum of 10.  Also the obstacle with lowest level of difficulty scores the minimum of 1.

Explanation by G.T.O and scenario of Individual Obstacles:-
     In this G.T.O take his group of candidates to all the obstacles and tell the rules to follow in every one.  By this time the candidate should think from his mind i.e. which task should be done first to last based on their location and their difficulty level.

Also don’t violate the rules in the individual obstacles, in case if you violate just repeat the tasks.
Then the candidates are advised to sit in a bench and not to see the individual obstacle ground.  

Rules at Individual Obstacles:-
     The G.T.O calls the first candidate (based on chest numbers) and orders him to ready for the task.  If he blows the whistle the first candidate will start to do the task.  At his 2.30 minute out of his 3 minutes, he gives another short whistle which is the sign for the candidate who is doing obstacle as time is going to end and also to the next person to come and stand ready for the task.   
If you complete all the ten obstacles with in the time (3 minutes), you are allowed to re do the process.  But you are not allowed to repeat the same tasks again and again.


                Air Force

1. Jumping over a slide:- This is the 1 pointer task which is the simplest. You have to run on the slope of an inclined plane and jump across a line which is marked at approximately 4ft from the end of the plane.


2. Long jump:- It consists jump across a 6 ft.* 3ft. drum. For male and for girls the length is slightly less.

2. High jump:- It is a simple 3ft high jump. You can use free style for making the jump. There will be sand on the other side of the bar to avoid injury in case you happen to fall.

3.Zig-Zag Balance:- it include walk over a zig-zag balance and completion of walk  and land properly. it is not used in air force.

3. Walking a wooden log:- Walking on a cylindrical log of length approximately 6ft. The pole will be 4ft above the ground level.

4. High Screen jump:- candidate need to run over a slide and over a screen placed after slide.

4. Jumping platforms:  You have to climb a platform of 12 ft and then take two jumps. The first jump is to the lower platform which will be at 8ft from the ground. The second one is to the ground.


5. Burma bridge: You need to walk between two ropes for a distance of 25 ft. The two ropes will be tied on poles at a height of 10 ft. This obstacle starts shaking as you begin to move so    maintain your body balance. it is also most time consuming task.


6. Tarzan swing:-in this candidate climb to a platform near 10-12 ft at height then taking a rope in hand he need to swing like Tarzan and to land after a mark on the land. Tarzan swing is not in air force.



6. Climbing the wall: Run up the slope of an inclined plane and climb over a wall of 8 ft. this wall is actually a wooden screen. The best way is to put your one foot on top of the wall and get yourself rolled over to the other side.




7. Jumping platforms: This can be difficult if you are scared of heights but it is easily doable. You have to climb a platform of 12 ft and then take two jumps. The first jump is to the lower platform which will be at 8ft from the ground. The second one is to the ground.

7. Jumping through a tyre: Jump through a big tyre with your feet first. The tyre is hung from a post at a height of 5 ft. There will be a small loop in the rope which can be used to hold and  pull yourself up to get into the tyre. This is not in army.

8. Double Ditch:- it have two ditch of 8ft.*3ft. and 4ft.*3ft. candidate need to cross the 1st ditch with the help of a rope and the second one with jump.this is not used in air force.

 8. Tiger leap: You have to climb up a platform of 9ft and leap a distance of 4ft to catch a rope and get down by the rope. It is important to catch the rope at chest level so that you don’t slide down and get cuts. In air force height of tiger leap is more than that of Army. it is for 10 points in army but here it is for 8 points.

9. Commando walk:-it consist walk from any side up and down from another, maintain balance. Sometimes instructions are given to shout some specific things while standing on the top platform.

9. Monkey crawl: You have to move on a wooden log of 25 ft in length hung from rope suspenders at 3 ft above the ground level. You can choose either to slide on the log or get underneath it and crawl with both your hands and feet. But since it is suspended from ropes, as soon as you climb on it the whole set up starts to swing from side to side. Not used in army.

10. Tiger leap:-walk up a podium, leap and catch hold of a rope, then to climb down.

10. Rope climbing: You have to climb up a vertical rope to touch the post at a height of approximately 4 to 5 metre and then to come back. Not used in army.


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