Word Association Test (WAT) is apparently the toughest among the battery of psychological tests in SSB interview. The difficulty level is more because the time limit given for each word is just 15 secs. We are suppose to think and write a sentence based on the word shown to us. If you go without practice, you may feel some difficulty to write good sentences. You may also miss out few words or mess up with the serial number of words. But, if you go with proper practice, it will be very easy for you to write good sentences without missing or writing bad sentences.

Tips for dealing with Negative word:

  1. Don’t always try to write a positive thing, some things can be written in negative way but still be good. Like for Unemployment, You can write ‘It is the biggest problem of India.
  2. You can change the form of the word, like you can make poor as poverty so use this to your advantage.
  3. Write short and snappy responses, do not write big sentences.
  4. If you are not able to think of anything then simply write your reaction with the positive of that negative word.
  5. It is not always necessary to write a full sentence, you can sometimes just write your reaction.
  6. Do not spend much time in thinking.
  7. Try not to think about the previous word while moving on to the next word.
  8. You can write how you can remove that particular negative thing by some positive thing, like ‘Nervousness can be overcome by preparations’
  9. Be very calm and positive throughout the whole procedure.
  10. Think randomly of negative words and try thinking of responses as soon as possible.
  11. Do not mug up sentences in advance.


  • Differ : India is a home of different yet unified cultures.
  • Death :Death of a martyr inspires young blood.
  • Deteriorate : Illiteracy deteriorates a country‟s progress.
  • Disagree : disagreement is removed by pragmatic approach.
  • Doubt : Knowledge removes all doubt
  • Desire : Desire to be a man of knowledge and value




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